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Huangshan UGG holds Workshop on the IGGP Statutes and Guidelines

From December.22nd to 23rd, Huangshan UGG holds Workshop on the IGGP Statutes and Guidelines to further understand the new concepts and reqiurements in UGG Guidelines and to speed up internalization of Chinese geoparks.

Experts from GGN Executive Bureau,GGN China, evaluation experts group and national geopark gave lectures in this workshop. Leaders and technicians from 13 geoparks have attended.

In the lectures, experts have explained the UGG Statues and Guidelines, qualification and procedure of geopark extention and measures for harmonious development between geopark and community. They have a deep discussion on similarities and difference among UGG, World Heritage Sites and MAB IGGP Statues, and how to reconcile them. They also summarized feedback for revalidation in recent years and shared their inspiration of it.

In the part of communication, Taishan, Alxa,Wudalianchi and other geoparks shared their extention experiments, and gave valuable advices on extention of Huangshan UGG.

The workshop provides a communication platform for geopark  construction and development. Geoparks share and learn their experiments and scientific measures from each other. It has practical meaning for making geoparks evaluation system more suitable for Chinese situation,solving problems we met in evaluation and promoting communication among geoparks.

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