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New Ancient Trail and Relic were Found in Huangshan UGG

Ancient trails and relics were newly found in the valley near Baisha Bridge during relics investigation in East Sea area.

The trail is more than one thousand metres long,with the widest point less than one metre and the narrowest point less than 10 inches. Parts of the steps are well kept. Relic department will do futher research on it.

The relic stands in the valley at an altitude of 1380 metres. It covers an area of 400㎡, consists of step part and house part.The house building is 6.5 metres wide with depth of 5.5 metres and height 2.5 metres. Steps start from the house go along a stream among stones.

The relic faces south and is surrounded by mountains on other three sides. In Chinese tradition culture, this position faces the Yang and back to Yin. It can gether essence of heaven and earth. Since the religion history in Huangshan, this relic could be a temple or nunnery.

Cutrual relics is an important part of Huangshan UGG. The new-found trail and relic enrich the culture content, and laid founation for exploration of geo-culture routes.

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