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Huangshan Cooperates with Tsinghua university to brand Famous Scientific Mountain

Famous Mountain and Famous University Cooperation Forum of Huangshan Global Geopark and Tsinghua University was hold on Sep.10.

19 professors and experts from Tsinghua University attend this forum. Prf.Gong Peng, Prf.Luo Yong and Prf Lin Guanghui have given lecture on their special field during the forum.

Strategic cooperation agreement was signed by Fan Qingtang, deputy director of Huangshan Geopark Administrative Committee and Gong Peng, director of Department of Earth System Science , Tsinghua University.

The forum aims to explore and extract scientific value of Huangshan, jointly train scientific and technological personnel, jointly declare national protection and research topics, promote scientific protection, management and education tourism in Huangshan, and finnaly make "scientific mountain" as a new brand of Huangshan.

According to the agreement, Huangshan and Tsinghua will cooperate in following issues to raise the influence of Huangshan as a scientific mountain.

1.Establish joint conference system to discuss important issues irregularly.

2.Cobuild vegetation ecosystem lab and information processing engineering research center.

3.Technology personnel training

4.Jointly declare national scientific and technological project

5.Construction, share scientific and technological resources, and jointly promote geosciences education.

6.Promote the transformation of scientific research achievements and explore the synergy innovation mechanism which integrates research, production and research into one.



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