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Huangshan UNESCO Global Geopark has hold 2017 Volunteer Camp for Science Popularization

From Aug.22 to Aug.26, Volunteers from over 25 universities and agencies participated in the 2017 Volunteer Camp for Science Popularization hold by Huangshan Geopark Museum, Huangshan Geopark Office and Geoparker.

During the 5-day camping, volunteers has learned geodiversity, biodiversity and cultural diversity in Huangshan, visited Huangshan Geopark Museum, Huangshan Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Nine Dragon Warterfall and Feicui New Village.

These days, volunteers has got to know the old and new Huangshan, the unique charm of Huangshan painting, formation of waterfall and the influence of geopark on its community. In the field, they has recorded distribution of cliff carving and fauna and flora.

On the last day, volunteers submitted their camping summary and education plan, providing suggestion and inspiration for geopark science popularization.

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